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Top prestigious rental house in the area

As a young unit that has only been operating since the beginning of 2021, we have always aimed to achieve big goals in the future by welcoming each customer with thoughtfulness down to the smallest things in the present. in.

Why should you choose to rent a serviced apartment at
Vinhomes Central Park - Allen Apartment




Welcoming customers from many parts of the world. Even though we have different languages and skin colors, we are always honored to meet and understand more about your country's culture.



We always try to create the most suitable space for all customers' uses by focusing on designing each apartment with a unique functional feature for each type of apartment, for example: for Family travel, business travel, couples....


Apartment quality

Our apartments are regularly maintained, safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, direct phone contact to the security department.... Follow the 5-step cleaning process professional.



We strictly manage each customer visit, the number of members, and implement the necessary procedures and regulations related to temporary residence and area security.

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​Serviced apartment for rent at
Vinhomes Central Park best price 2024

Vinhomes Central Park Tan Cang is the first livable luxury apartment project of Vingroup in the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market. The project is located in a prime location right in Tan Cang area, Binh Thanh. Inspired by America's most famous Central Park, New York, Vinhomes Central Park was built to become a symbol of classy green living in the heart of bustling Saigon.

Internal utility system

We will provide customers with a resident card to freely move and use a number of exclusive amenities only available to residents in urban areas.

Vinhomes-revenue-increase-75-compared-to-voi-cung-ky-093521 (1).jpeg

| Vinhomes Central Park

The park area is up to 14 hectares spread along the banks of the Saigon River with entertainment facilities and sports activities.

| Hospital

International standards, high-end equipment and top human resources.

| Gym

Exclusively for residents, each building has a private room (for long-term tenants)

| Pool

Exclusively for residents, each building has a private swimming pool (for long-term tenants)

| Vincom shopping area

A place with full internal amenities for residents: shopping, cafes, entertainment, convenience stores, restaurants....

| Receptionist

Always on duty until 8pm every day to support residents.

| Protect

Security is on duty 24/7 to ensure absolute security with a professionally trained security team.

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