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Rules when using the apartment

1. Please present a photo of your passport or ID card to complete the temporary residence registration procedure.

2. We are not responsible for customers' property at the apartment.

3. Do not bring guns, ammunition, explosives, toxic substances, narcotics, pets or food with a fishy smell into the house.

4. Do not change or move furniture in the room or from one room to another. In case property or furniture in the room is lost or damaged, the guest will have to compensate 100% of the value.

5. Please do not change rooms or bring additional people into the room without registering with us.

6. Absolutely prohibit illegal acts such as drug use, prostitution, etc. Do not use funny balloons in the apartment.

7. Check-out time is before 12 noon, if later, a corresponding additional fee will be charged if room availability is available. In case of need, please contact the support team.

8. Before leaving the hotel, please pay all bills and return the card to the mailbox.

If you violate any of the above rules, we have the right to consider and unilaterally terminate the room rental contract without any refund, and we will also require you to bear all costs. set of related responsibilities.

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